Halve Full EP

by The Halve Two

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released January 24, 2014



all rights reserved


The Halve Two Reno, Nevada

The Halve Two consists of two halves, Junes & Libs. Hip hop concerning food, drink, relationships, music, and 9-5's.

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Track Name: Gintro
Do what you want when you think no one's lookin'
Track Name: Empty Blu Liquor Shoppe
Empty Blu Liquor Shoppe

Junes: Friday after work and I'm strikin' to the liquor store, to go and grab a brew or two, the usual is six or more. If it's not that, then probably a flask of Jack. It's not where you get wasted, but where you're crashin' at. I like to chat with the clerk, but I'm on a mission sir. I pass a clean wall and I leave my little signature. Some say retarded, others call it immature. Let's get this night started, waiting for Libs to finish work.

Libs: I'm off early, step out on the spinnin' earth of hot girlies/timid jerks. After you pretty ladies, women first. Bought some Guiness and some cinnaburst. Headin' home, meetin' Junes in a minute gonna spit a verse. But I gotta grab some dinner first; jerk chicken, liverwurst, or a burnt kitchen.. Which is worse? Bout to get the night started with that blurred vision, light-hearted, word rhythm rhyme jargon.

Junes: Beg my pardon, lady/ma'am/fly darlin' shake my hand, I'm starvin' for another black & tan. Half a pint to quench my thirst. Conversation tests her nerves, a dreaded five minutes and I exit... lesson learned.

Eric: I'm not spendin' energy on enemies, spreadin' germs with worms and centipedes. Shit, that would be the end of me. We're movin' quick uptown to any pub influenced by music and a crowd... Let's do this.

Junes: Upon our arrival, a smile from a fellow friend. The doorman, it's been awhile, no worries he can get us in. The bartender's hesitant to fill our glass with medicine...

Both: Round 2, night 1, here we go, let's begin! Brown booze, slight buzz, second wind, lounge rooms, nightclubs, records spinnin' Ice Cube out the house subs, five dozen, packed tight, night's young, fast life, spiced rum, half price, I'm drunk, that's riiiight!!

Junes: Time's come to smash mics, I'm done cuz lastnight we left the backstage lookin' worse than a crash site. It's not our fault, you can blame the gin and tonics and the free whiskey shots that turned to whiskey vomit. Liver failure along with blurred memories of curved Bethany and her home served remedies. I'm seein' doubles and I hope I make it home safe with no troubles and I wake up at my own place.

Libs: When in Rome most days, but I'm that drunk guy. So I'm treaded home posthaste, try to catch some shut eye. 10 below, snowflakes, head to toe, cold weather clothes, no hope for my close shaved froze face. So I call a cab, lollygag a minute more, slow paced 4am, strollin' thru a winter storm. It started at the liquor store. 6 or more turned to 64, then I woke on my kitchen floor.
Track Name: Towndowners
We're going downtown to have a drink. We're goin' downtown to have a little drink. Grab your coat, bring a friend, have a smoke, meet at 10, jack and coke, see ya then right down the streeet!!